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Steve Brown

The Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation
President/Executive Producer
Salem, WI
Steve Brown earned his PhD from Iowa State University in Educational Leadership. His academic areas of specialization include educational law and ethics, social justice, and educational research.
In June of 2019, Steve retired from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, as an associate professor in Educational Leadership and Policy. Prior to that, Steve was a tenured, associate professor of Educational Leadership at Texas A &M University-Corpus Christi and also a tenured professor of Educational Leadership at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago from 1989 through 2012.
Steve has also been a high school social studies mad journalism teacher, high school principal, and district-level administrator, as well as currently serving in his second three-year term as an elected school board member in the Salem, Wisconsin school district.
Steve is the Co-Executive Producer and Writer of the 23 time award winning The WGTD Radio Theater, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Steve is the co-playwright of the award-winning stage play, “Brown. Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren: A Conversation,” based on the 1954 U.S. school segregation Supreme Court case of Brown v. Board of Education. The play was performed in November of 2015 at the President Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site in St. Louis, Missouri, by special invitation from The National Park Service.
In 2014, Steve was named “The 2014 Oliver L. Brown Distinguished Scholar for Diversity Issues” by Washburn University and the Brown Foundation, both of Topeka, Kansas.
Steve also co-wrote “And on the Eighth Day: Bryan v. Darrow,” which is an award-winning play about the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial, debating the issue of Evolution versus Creationism, which was also performed in the actual Scopes Trial courtroom in the Rhea County Courthouse, in Dayton, Tennessee. That performance took place in 2013.
In addition, Steve along with co-writer Michael Ullstrup, penned “A Fireside Chat: A Conversation with Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” which had its world premiere at the FDR Presidential Library in 2011.
In 2016, Steve had two journal articles published with Cheryl Brown Henderson, daughter of the late Rev. Oliver L. Brown, after whom the case of Brown v. The Board of Education is named. One article is entitled: “BROWN at 62: Marching Back into the Future.” A second journal article is “The Southern Manifesto: A doctrine of resistance 60 Years Later.”
In 2018, Steve along with John Tinker and John’s wife Patricia Fisher created the not-for-profit John F. Tinker Foundation.