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Jennifer Walden

Locked into Vacancy Entertainment
Managing Director/Owner/Performer
Chicago, IL
After being an actor, singer, and vocal performer for over 30 years I've recently stepped into a behind the scenes role as well and staked claim to a Chicago theatre/production company, Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment (LIVE for short). As the Managing Director I'm currently looking to broaden the reach of our popular Chicago company through outside collaboration and partnerships. Through a lot of hard work and passion we've recently been getting a lot of recognition for our work and new opportunities coming our way.
Similar to The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Locked into Vacancy Entertainment is a 6 year old podcast and stage production in the style of old-time radio, recorded in front of a live audience in Chicago, Illinois. L.I.V.E. features larger-than-life characters, over-the-top comedy, and good-to-the-last-drop shenanigans. Foley artists and musicians share the stage to create original sound effects and music that transport the audience into the world of each adventure. Audience participation is encouraged to provide laughs, gasps, and applause, creating an unforgettable experience you can enjoy again and again!