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John Eder

To The Manor Borne By Robots
Naples, Florida
I'm the creator of To The Manor Borne By Robots, a sci-fi anthology/audiodrama hybrid. As such, I wear all of the following hats: writer, casting director, producer, editor. I also act in it, badly. It's saved by the excellent other actors besides me that I've wrangled over the years. I got into audiodrama podcasting as a way to establish bonafides as a writer. I'm almost done with TTMBBR, which is an big lift for one person, and has taken 6 years of off-and-on effort. I've made a lot of mistakes with it, but I am also largely happy with it. In my day job, I am a professional photographer, and have been for decades. You can see my work on the ttmbbr.com site, or at johneder.com.
I'd like to talk about how to pitch to people with deeper pockets than mine, using a podcast as a means to secure representation, creating merch and if you had any success with it, reaching reviewers, entering competitions, , efficacy of social media, sponsored ads, etc. I've got an IG for the show @ttmbbr. On the sci-fi side, I am a fan of Dick, Ballard, and Vonnegut. My audio heroes are the Firesign Theater, who scarred a generation, in a good way. I also liked Joe Frank quite a bit, and the environmental field recording work of Chris Watson.