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Jeff Hays

Soundbooth Theater
Jeff Hays is an audio book narrator and producer. His production style and in-depth characterizations blur the line between Audiobooks and audio drama. He connects with his listeners through his live streaming internet show, Soundbooth Theater Live, which features upcoming projects, auditions for new projects, and requests from the audience. Jeff has more than 80 books on Audible in almost every genre, but is most prolific in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Recently, he has been concentrating on one specific sub-genre called LitRPG, a blend of Sci-fi and Fantasy characterized by its focus on plots and characters who play virtual video games, most commonly MMOs. LitRPG has been rapidly gaining popularity in the indie novel market, and Jeff is anxious to meet many of the avid listeners of his work, and new potential listeners, here at his first Dragoncon!